Ian Corvin

Ian Corvin

I like games. And I like gamedev. Sometimes I just feel the need to write an article or two about either.

First UI screen­shots of Palia, the “cozy MMO”

Palia alpha test screenshow showing user interface and players cooking pies

In their lat­est blog, Sin­gu­lar­i­ty 6, found­ed by for­mer Bliz­zard and Riot devs, shared details about the ongo­ing alpha test. Among var­i­ous (beau­ti­ful) ones, a cou­ple were screen­shots show­ing UI of Palia — these are of par­tic­u­lar inter­est to me. Overall,…

Cus­tom Mouse Cur­sor in Unre­al Engine

In some instances, like when you’re mak­ing an RPG with point-and-click con­trols or when the play­er inter­acts with your UI, you might want to dis­play a cus­tom mouse cur­sor or a crosshair instead of the default mouse point­er. The good…