A bet­ter idea for the “Not see­ing what you expect­ed here…” Chat­G­PT error message

Having trouble with ChatGPT? Don't worry, there's an easy fix! Check out our article to learn how to solve the 'Not seeing what you expected here...' issue.

Ah, error mes­sages. The bane of every user’s exis­tence. They can be con­fus­ing, frus­trat­ing, and some­times down­right cryp­tic. But the worst of all is when they don’t tell you what to do — just like the “Not see­ing what you expect­ed here? Don’t wor­ry, your con­ver­sa­tion data is pre­served! Check back soon.” error Chat­G­PT users were seeing.

It does­n’t tell you what went wrong, and does­n’t offer any solu­tion except to “check back soon”, which is way too broad and gener­ic. And need­less to say, the “check­ing back” was not work­ing, which lead to more confusion. 

The before vari­ant — instruc­tions unclear.

Turns out, all you need­ed to do was to log out of your account and log back in. Sounds too easy to be true, but many users have report­ed that this quick fix solved the prob­lem — yours tru­ly confirms. 

Soon after, the Chat­G­PT team has updat­ed the error mes­sage to include the solu­tion, and now the mes­sage reads “Your his­to­ry will show up here. Not see­ing what you expect­ed? Try log­ging out and back in.

The impor­tance of clear error mes­sages that include action­able steps for users to take speaks for itself. By pro­vid­ing a clear solu­tion, Chat­G­PT users are now quick­ly and eas­i­ly over­come the issue, with­out the need to google the solution.

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