How To: Move assets from example project into yours in Unreal Engine 4

In the past, I’ve giv­en some tips on work­ing with blue­print edi­tor, but today I want to raise a very impor­tant ques­tion, that is still asked a lot.

Unre­al Engine 4 has plen­ty of exam­ple projects which you can study to improve your skills. What’s even bet­ter, you can use any assets pro­vid­ed there for in a com­mer­cial prod­uct. Sim­ply put, you can take any asset from any exam­ple project and put it into your project and then sell your game, and Epic won’t mind.

And though I sug­gest you try and reverse-engi­neer Epic’s exam­ple projects and then try and make your own asset, some­times it can be con­ve­nient to use what’s already been done (dur­ing the ear­ly stages of the devel­op­ment, for exam­ple). So how do you copy some­thing you like (a mate­r­i­al, a tex­ture or even a whole blue­print) into your project?

Let’s take Shoot­er Game as an exam­ple. Open the Learn tab in the Epic Games Launch­er and find Shoot­er Game. Down­load it and make a new project from it:

Unreal engine learn tab

Open it in UE and find the asset you’d like to move (it can even be a whole fold­er). Right click it and find “Show in Explor­er” option:

Unreal engine show in explorer menu

Then just copy what­ev­er you need, and paste it into your pro­jec­t’s Con­tent fold­er:

Windows explorer move files
It’s in russ­ian, but I bet you get it. Stuff from one “con­tent” fold­er goes straight to anoth­er pro­jec­t’s “con­tent” folder.

There’s anoth­er way of copy­ing assets from project to project, which is called Asset Migra­tion. You can read detailed instruc­tion in the Unre­al Wiki. The dif­fer­ence here from just copy­ing files over is with migrat­ing all of the asset’s depen­den­cies are car­ried over as well. So if you migrate a mate­r­i­al, all of its linked tex­tures will be copied as well.

Migrate asset submenu

Cheers, mates.